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Assisted & Automated Matching

Looking for candidates with a specific skill set in your database? Consider these solutions your personal assistant speeding up your workflow, helping you discover more potential, connecting you to the perfect match in 1-2-3 and generating you more income!

A perfect match - every time

Finding the perfect match does not have to be that hard... At least, when it comes to recruiting. ;-)

Trust in us to provide you with automated and assisted matching software solutions adaptable to your needs, that save you heaps of time and provide you with the necessary tools to completely utilize every last ounce of your database

But how does our software work its magic? And what exactly is the difference between assisted and automated matching software? Allow us to elaborate.


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Assisted & Automated Matching
Assisted Matching Edit 2

Assisted Matching

Are you looking for a salesperson? And preferably one that is also very people-oriented, speaks French fluently and is able to work with Microsoft Office?

By integrating our Assisted Matching software into the ATS- and CRM-tools you work with every day, we make it easy for you as a recruiter to find all these hard and soft skills in the right candidate.

How? You click on what you're looking for - we make sure you get super-targeted results. That way you find up to 30% more potential matches in your database - and therefore have a 30% better chance of making a placement!

Automated Matching Edited

Automated Matching

Google Alerts - but for vacancies and candidate profiles? Yes please! This solution continuously monitors whether new matches can be found. You are then notified automatically.

Added bonus: this solution works just as well on the candidate's side. Does someone create a profile on your jobsite? Then they can also automatically get notified of jobs that match their profile in their inbox.

Moreover, this solution is fully customizable to your needs (how often do you want to receive notifications, for example?) and - just like the assisted matching solution - it is ready to be integrated into the tools you are already working with.

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Why theMatchBox might just be your perfect match

Working together with theMatchBox - what's in it for you?

  • You save time and therefore money
  • Automation stands for efficiency
  • Less work for quality output - sounds ideal, right?
  • Highly scalable. Are you growing? Your tool grows with you!
  • Reliability & customization: our tools work as accurately and specifically as possible and are adapted to your needs
  • Easy to integrate into your company and with your own CRM and software tools (Salesforce, Minggo, Bullhorn, Carerix, Jobdigger,...
  • Our smart AI technologies spot opportunities that you as a recruiter can't necessarily find.


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