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We make matching applicants & jobs a piece of cake

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Why is our software your perfect match?

Are you tired of endlessly scrolling through candidate databases before finding the right profile for your clients? Would you like to simplify your HR processes? Does it seem impossible to find the right match for every vacancy? 

Say no more! Thanks to theMatchBox, enriching your candidate database and matching candidates and vacancies is easier than ever. We provide you with software that generates more inflow through your own jobsite - you focus on the human behind the resume. Easy!


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Icon Time Saving time is saving money
Icon Processes Automation = efficiency
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Our clients

We have already had the pleasure of building quite a lot of solutions for numerous clients. 
So who are these clients? Below is a small overview.

Our matching partners

Strong partnerships make for strong solutions. Together with our partners, we work towards creating stronger matching solutions day after day.