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Welcome to our brand new blog!

Behind the scenes of theMatchBox

From start-up to established value - yes, theMatchBox went through a real growth trajectory in recent years. And that doesn't just apply to our solutions or our software. As a company, we made leaps and bounds. A bigger team, even more possibilities,...

High time to adapt our brand to these changes, we thought. That's why we opted for a complete rebranding at the beginning of 2023. From now on, our new brand includes a blog in which we want to take you to the core of theMatchBox.

An opinion piece? A customer testimonial? A behind-the-scenes look at our team? You ask, we serve!

Behind The Scenes



We changed colors, not values!

Our mission? To 'unburden' you as an HR professional by translating the most innovative solutions and technology into tools you can use on a daily basis.

Even when we adapt our outfit - your needs remain the core of theMatchBox. Forever!


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